Finding a Qualified Invisalign Dentist: What You Need to Know

Are you considering Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth? It's essential to find a qualified and experienced dentist to administer your Invisalign treatment. Dr. Heffter will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine if this treatment is the right choice for your orthodontic needs. If approved, Dr.

Heffter will collaborate with Invisalign to create a personalized treatment plan. Invisalign is a procedure that is available to general and cosmetic dentists, as well as orthodontists. However, orthodontists are the most qualified to provide Invisalign treatments. Orthodontists have extra training in the science of tooth movement and are devoted to the art of aligning healthy teeth.

The selection of a qualified and experienced dentist is critical to your Invisalign treatment. In more complex cases, you may need dental surgery or you may not be able to straighten your teeth without the use of traditional braces. Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) scholarships can help you find a qualified dentist in your area who participates in the CDG program, allowing you to get financial assistance for your Invisalign procedure. Sometimes, Invisalign treatment doesn't go as planned and your dentist may need to make modifications midway through the treatment.

Yes, you should wear your Invisalign for at least 20 hours a day, which means that if you only wear them for a few hours a day, your teeth won't align the way your dentist intended and will extend your treatment. Your dentist will assess the extent of the misalignment of your teeth during your consultation and will decide your eligibility to use Invisalign. Most dentists recommend using retainers after braces or Invisalign to prevent teeth from gradually returning to their starting position, but this depends on each person and their situation. To guarantee that you get the best results from your Invisalign treatment, it's essential to find an experienced and qualified dentist who can provide you with the best care.

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